1. A parallel universe.


  3. fatimahwaseem:

    "Wearing niqab for some reason gives people the illusion that I am a “Perfect Muslim” or I think I am. (There is no such thing by the way) Also that I know everything. This is totally wrong. I am only human and I could have more sins then someone who doesnt even where hijab. You never know. We are all struggling to get closer to Allah. There are many things that I am still learning. I try to turn this into a positive thing and push myself to learn more.”

    —Mamata Abdou, teacher, student

    (Source: instagram.com)

  4. I spent an hour making a sand mosque that I knew the water would swallow in a few hours. Even as I carved, the sun dried the sand, forcing me to start over. I dug a deep trench to keep the water at bay, even though I knew it would only give me an hour or so of refuge. 

    My sister gawked at what I was doing. As a wave nearly gave my trench the kiss of death, she decided it wasn’t worth it and proceeded to build a pool for water, just for fun. 

    But I built anyway, just as we erect, build and perfect worldly houses, businesses and careers. We know everything is on a timer. The waters of time will certainly bring everything to the end. But we build anyway. We see age and lack of health corrode what we have built as we build it. But we build anyway. We try to extend our living as long as possible by building trenches in a vain attempt to keep time away. 

    I suppose the difference between the successful and unsuccessful is how we keep sight of the water. Do we turn our backs and focus on the intricate arches or the height of our stature compared to others? Or do we partially face the water and what we build, ever mindful of the transience of this world and the permanence of the next? 

    The dunya is temporary. The choices we make in it are not.

  5. You don’t need to see the face to understand emotion. Body language speaks louder than words.

  6. I watched the sun rise and set many times these past few days. Though I admired the same sun that comes and goes from my bedroom window, the expanse of the ocean and the blending of the colors was breathtaking. 

    Everything transitions from cool to warm, only to be rekindled again. The blue skies are lit by the sun’s final bow, settling into the darkness of the night to be reborn. To come again, just when there is no hope that the vibrancy of those colors can be brought forth by the darkness. There is ease after hardship. There is hope in the darkness. 

  7. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you use to capture something this beautiful on the sea. 

  8. Before Ramadan hits, one of the essentials of preparation is to have BBQs so that you do not crave them during Ramadan. 

    I got a new lens - a really simple f/1.8 50 mm. It’s light and it’s really forcing me to zoom with my feet. If you’re a new photographer, I highly suggest getting this lens, not because of the sweet aperture, but because of what it forces you to do. 

  9. Indeed, Allah (swt)’s Mercy encompasses all things. More paintings for my art shop which is slowly taking form, alhamdulillah.

  10. Day 3. I started making decorative art about a month ago. Balancing what people love and what you love is tricky, especially when so much Islamic art is grounded in traditional techniques. I’d like to color outside the lines. Check out the gig here

  11. Day 2. I’ve always been against keeping birds in cages. But after a bucketful of tears by my younger sister, Pillow and Diamond made our family of five a family of seven. My mother brought them a large cage so they could fly one wing span. My sister reads them the shahadah every night. My father whistles when giving them fresh water and food.

    And I reminisce on the birds’ stifled potential, on cages of the mind and the heart. Allah turns us from sadness to happiness and from anger to peace so that we can be taught by means of opposites. So that we can have two wings with which to fly. Not one. How else will we maintain balance? How else will we reach our horizons?  

    The presence of bitterness makes the sweetness more profound. Absences of material things remind of us of their presence. We are the mean of opposites. When you face difficulty, know that the ease promised to you becomes all the more beautiful. 

  12. Day 1. I will be continuing my photo a day challenge from last year to this year. But here’s the catch: I will not crop. I will not edit. I will create with my eyes and write captions that matter. Photographers do not take photos — they make them. Let the journey begin!